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At we have built an award-winning platform where patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals can search for relevant and personalized cancer clinical trials and patient study options. Our vision is to democratize and diversify cancer research so the benefits of innovative medicine reach ALL patients, faster. is validated, free, unbiased and secure. You can find out more at

The simple fact is that clinical trials might not be an option for everyone, or at least not at this point in time. Therefore, we also provide opportunities for patients and caregivers to take part in patient experience research projects. These studies often involve interviews or surveys, in which patients and caregivers can share about their experience with treatment and express unmet needs. Patient experience research provides an opportunity to contribute to scientific progress with a more limited commitment, while also being compensated financially (typically at least $100 per hour of time). We provide a full list of open patient experience research studies on our linktree at